New Pregnancy Healing and Loss Bracelet

Losing a baby can be devastating. This healing and loss bracelet from The Fertile Garden is a beautiful tribute to help grieving mothers remember their baby.

Your bracelet can be customized with angel wing charm and swarovski crystal color to signify the birthstone month. This color can represent the intended due date, conception month, or the month of loss.




Gemstone Energy basics

The fertile energies of gemstones have been used for years to help alleviate pain, offer protection and of course, enhance fertility :)
Here are just a few of the healing boosts that gemstones can give you:

•Helps with endometriosis, shields, and protects
•Revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality
•Enhances fertility and reverses infertility caused by infection
•Prolongs sexual pleasure and supports the sexual organs
•Increases/stimulates fertility, boosts ovulation,and balances menstrual cycle
•Improves absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensures a good supply of blood to organs and tissue
•Alleviates pain and cramps