The Fertile Garden wishes you all Happy Holidays!!

Have a very happy holiday with your family and friends today!!

I received this poem in an email from Fertilityauthority.com. I thought it was cute!

'Twas the night before Christmas
Last holiday's replay
Transferring frozen embies
Wanting another in the worst way

The car ride was bumpy
Over ice and rock salt
Yelling "Hey! Precious cargo here!"
As if it was DH's fault

We arrived at our home
Snuggled up for a snooze
In anxious anticipation
Of the 2 week wait news

We pleaded with Santa
I tried not to home test
But after 10 days of waiting
No longer could rest

The cabinets were empty
Not a pregnancy stick in stash
So out in the snow
We drove off in a dash

Back home in a hurry
I beat DH to the door
TWO LINES- Another holiday miracle!
We'd be parents once more!


Holiday gifts from The Fertile Garden - Fertility bracelets and more!

What a great holiday gift! This pendant bears the image of St. Gerard, the patron saint of expectant mothers and babies. He is known for his help in obtaining the blessings of motherhood. His intercession is also sought for difficulties in parenthood. Wear his image and read his prayer daily for help with infertility.

During his short life he helped many and performed many miracles. It seems that God had given him, in particular, the special power to help mothers in need. In life and since his death, he has helped so many women who have prayed to him during labor that he earned the nickname the "Saint of Happy Deliveries." Many mothers from all over the world have even named their child Gerard after him in gratitude, and have adopted him as their patron in the joys and fears of childbirth.