I never tire of receiving emails from customers who have had success with their fertility bracelet from The Fertile Garden!!  Just got another this morning, it makes me feel so good!

"I bought a fertility bracelet for my friend who had been ttc for a year. It was a Christmas gift. You said you would send her extra baby dust. She loved it!!!! Didn't wear it right away but started in January and wore it for a full month. She got her bfp right after valentines day!!! Due in November and couldn't be happier!!! She wanted me to get in touch with you and thank you from the bottom of her heart!!! Not only did she get a beautiful bracelet but it really worked!!!
Thank you so very much and keep up the good work! Thanks, Cheryl"

The Fertile Garden


Lots of new fertility bracelets coming soon!

Working on lots of new items! Look for updates of new fertility bracelets, fertility necklaces and more in the The Fertile Garden shop next week! :)