The Fertile Garden wishes you all Happy Holidays!!

Have a very happy holiday with your family and friends today!!

I received this poem in an email from Fertilityauthority.com. I thought it was cute!

'Twas the night before Christmas
Last holiday's replay
Transferring frozen embies
Wanting another in the worst way

The car ride was bumpy
Over ice and rock salt
Yelling "Hey! Precious cargo here!"
As if it was DH's fault

We arrived at our home
Snuggled up for a snooze
In anxious anticipation
Of the 2 week wait news

We pleaded with Santa
I tried not to home test
But after 10 days of waiting
No longer could rest

The cabinets were empty
Not a pregnancy stick in stash
So out in the snow
We drove off in a dash

Back home in a hurry
I beat DH to the door
TWO LINES- Another holiday miracle!
We'd be parents once more!


Holiday gifts from The Fertile Garden - Fertility bracelets and more!

What a great holiday gift! This pendant bears the image of St. Gerard, the patron saint of expectant mothers and babies. He is known for his help in obtaining the blessings of motherhood. His intercession is also sought for difficulties in parenthood. Wear his image and read his prayer daily for help with infertility.

During his short life he helped many and performed many miracles. It seems that God had given him, in particular, the special power to help mothers in need. In life and since his death, he has helped so many women who have prayed to him during labor that he earned the nickname the "Saint of Happy Deliveries." Many mothers from all over the world have even named their child Gerard after him in gratitude, and have adopted him as their patron in the joys and fears of childbirth.



The Fertility Diet

Its so hard to cut out some of these foods, especially when you've been enjoying them so long! Caffiene was the HARDEST for me to personally cut out. I probably was drinking the equivalent of a 6 pack of Diet Coke a day...sometimes more...eek.

I saw some interesting info on Fertility Authority. Read below!!

If you’re hoping to get pregnant soon or going through fertility treatments, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you’re eating a well-rounded diet that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. You should also start avoiding certain food and beverages that might hinder your efforts. Overall, cutting back on sugar, fatty foods, trans-fats, artificial sweeteners and of course, stop using any recreational or diet drugs is recommended. Here are a few more specific items you want to be careful to steer clear of:

Cigarette, alcohol and drugs
Caffeine (no more than two cups per day)
Excesses of Vitamins A, C, or D
Raw or undercooked meats
Raw or undercooked eggs
Soft cheeses
Soybeans and soy foods
Swordfish, tilefish, shark, or king mackerel

from http://www.fertilityauthority.com


Fertility and Eating Fish?

The fresh seafood of summer is one of the benefits of suffering through these heat waves. There’s nothing better than a trip to the coast and enjoying your favorite fish or shrimp or oysters …
Unfortunately, while it is a healthy food and an important source of primary nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, it can also be contaminated with mercury, a dangerous toxin that is not something you want in your body when you’re trying to conceive. A recent study from the University of Albany has found that even low levels of mercury can be harmful to IVF pregnancies. And while more studies are needed to determine if lower level guidelines should be set, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does already have advice for women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.
The FDA recommends avoiding some types of fish and eating fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury. Following three recommendations can reduce your exposure to mercury’s harmful effects:
  • Do not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.
  • Eat up to 12 ounces a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury. These include such fish as shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock and catfish. Note: albacore (white) tuna has more mercury than canned light tuna.
  • Check local advisories about the safety of fish caught local lakes, rivers and coastal areas. If no advice is available, eat up to 6 ounces per week of fish you catch from local waters, but don't consume any other fish during that week.
from fertilityauthority.com


Fertility Bracelet Success!

WOW! This is the third and fourth fertility bracelet success stories I've had this week!! CONGRATS to you both from The Fertile Garden!!  :)

"I bought two fertility bracelets from you around April-May area. One for me, one for my best friend. After wearing them only one cycle, we both got pregnant! We're both entering into our second trimester soon, and I really just wanted to say thank you for such a marvelous product. I'm definitely keeping mine for when it's time to expand the family once again.
Thank you, Keshia"


Fertility Jewelry in Sterling Silver from The Fertile Garden!!

The Fertile Garden has a new collection in sterling silver. Three new necklaces are in the shop and a sterling silver bracelet option will be added soon! VERY excited about this!!  Keep in mind that the Kokopelli Fertility Necklace and the Elephant Fertility Necklace can be customized with any gemstone!!

Fertility Moonstone Necklace
 Kokopelli Fertility Necklace
 Elephant Fertility Necklace


Fertility and Avocado

When we were having fertility issues, I went to an acupuncturist. She told me to eat lots of avocado.... at first I wondered why, but I didn't mind at all, I LOVE avocado! I just saw this link from the Fertility Authority, interesting! I remember her telling me that they had all the good fats, and I loved having "permission" to eat such a decadent food. Now this was something I didn't mind doing.

Ode to the Avocado

A recent study has found that good fats — the monounsaturated kind such as those found in avocados — are good for fertility treatment, actually increasing the live birth rate for those undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is great news for those of us who love the green fruit! (And yes, it's a fruit, not a vegetable — in Brazil, they add avocados to ice cream!)

The avocado is packed full of nutrients, including vitamin K, folate, potassium, vitamin E, lutein, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. And each serving of avocado has 3 grams of monunsaturated fat, which helps to lower blood cholesterol if used in place of saturated fats.

Here's a healthy guacamole recipe from the California Avocado Commission:

4 ripe, Fresh California Avocados, seeded and peeled
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tomato, finely chopped
¼ cup finely chopped onion
⅛ tsp. ground cumin
3 drops hot pepper sauce

Coarsely mash avocado with lemon juice and garlic. Mix in other ingredients. Enjoy! (With baked tortilla chips, of course!)



I never tire of receiving emails from customers who have had success with their fertility bracelet from The Fertile Garden!!  Just got another this morning, it makes me feel so good!

"I bought a fertility bracelet for my friend who had been ttc for a year. It was a Christmas gift. You said you would send her extra baby dust. She loved it!!!! Didn't wear it right away but started in January and wore it for a full month. She got her bfp right after valentines day!!! Due in November and couldn't be happier!!! She wanted me to get in touch with you and thank you from the bottom of her heart!!! Not only did she get a beautiful bracelet but it really worked!!!
Thank you so very much and keep up the good work! Thanks, Cheryl"

The Fertile Garden


Lots of new fertility bracelets coming soon!

Working on lots of new items! Look for updates of new fertility bracelets, fertility necklaces and more in the The Fertile Garden shop next week! :)


Happy Mothers Day from The Fertile Garden!!

If you are a mother experiencing secondary infertility, or just wishing for a little one of your own, I understand how hard Mothers Day is!

As a treat to all those suffering from any form of infertility... please use coupon code MOTHER2012 on any order and receive FREE shipping to the US at The Fertile Garden!!

You will find fertility bracelets custom made for you, and your condition! The Fertile Garden is the FIRST company to design condition-specific fertility bracelets for endometriosis, PCOS, blood disorders, thyroid disorders, fibroids and more! Don't be fooled by imitators! Our success stories speak for themselves! :)


National Infertility Awareness Week 2012

Next Sunday is the beginning of National Infertility Awareness Week 2012 (NIAW), running from April 22-28! Get involved and go to an NIAW event! Post on blogs, Facebook and Twitter to help others be aware if infertility!


Fertility Bracelet for PCOS

Do you have PCOS? Did you know that Polycystic ovary disease causes the development of cysts in the ovaries and makes it hard for a woman to conceive. This PCOS Fertility Bracelet from The Fertile Garden is very powerful for overcoming the physical issues of PCOS to enable conception and keep a healthy pregnancy.


Cherries for Fertility?

Yes! Cherries can be very beneficial for your overall health, and fertility! I have been told it is especially good to eat a lot of cherries after your egg retrieval, through to your test. Nutritional value of cherries help the body to fight many infections, and increase the body's resistance mechanisms.

Anthocyanins: A powerful antioxidant, anthocyanins is found abundantly in the cherries. Cherries are the richest source of anthocyanins 1 and 2, that give them their ruby rich color. These beneficial compounds provide the body with a unique combination of antioxidants that are full of anti-inflammatory properties.
Fiber: About ten raw sweet cherries will provide the body with 1.4 grams of fiber, that is nearly 10 percent of the recommended daily amount (RDA). A good level of fiber in the body aids in better digestion, by preventing constipation.
Potassium: Cherries are extremely high on dietary potassium. One can get approximately 260 mg of potassium for every cup (100g) of fresh cherries consumed. Adequate potassium reduces the risk of hypertension and stroke, while promoting the heart and kidneys to function properly.
Melatonin: Cherries are a rich food source of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin promotes healthy circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.
Essential Vitamins: One cup of sweet cherry eaten raw without the pits, can provide the body with 18 percent of the RDA, ie 10.8 mg of vitamin C. The fruit also contains beta carotene, and other important vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. These vitamins are essential for collagen formation of blood vessels, blood, muscles and bones.
Phytosterols: Phytosterols, also known as plant sterols occur naturally in cherries. 100 gms contain 18.5 mg of sterols that help to reduce 'bad' cholesterol levels (LDL) and lower the risk of cancer, and stimulate the immune system.
Boron: 100 gms of raw tart cherries supply the body with approximately 396µg (microgram). Boron increases bone health; formation and recuperation, and reduce bone inflammation.
Other Minerals: Although in small quantities cherries also contain folate (iron), calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. All these mineral play vital roles in boosting the immune system and keeping the body's fitness levels high.


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