Pumpkin Pie Fertility Smoothie

YUM! What a fabulous fertility smoothie from The Fertile Garden! Tastes like pumpkin pie!

1/2 baked sweet potato
1/2-3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
pumpkin pie spice to taste
1 tsp of honey
1 tsp flax seed
1 shot frozen wheatgrass (you wont even taste it!)
vanilla protein powder if you like
crushed ice

Puree in blender, top with a dollup of real whip cream and enjoy!


Fertility Jewelry at The Fertile Garden - New!

Fertility bracelet and fertility necklace ... what a beautiful set from the Fertile Garden!
Rose quartz are the beads of love and fertility. They are said to help promote pregnancy and to protect the mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage, and encourage feelings of calm. Gorgeous Rose Quartz Fertility Necklace with large rose quartz tumbled stone pendant capped in oxidized sterling silver hangs on a delicate chain.

This fertility bracelet is the perfect gift for a new bride, someone you know who has been trying, or a gift for yourself. Beautiful moonstone, rose quartz and amethyst are accented by pewter butterfly spacers and a lovely clasp and turtle charm. Very powerful, contains butterfly and turtle symbols!

This bracelet is the perfect compliment to the Rose Quartz fertility necklace!!




Banana Fertility Smoothie

Banana Smoothie Recipe Pictures, Images and Photos

1 tbsp raw honey
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp flax seed
1 scoop vanilla Whey protein powder
1/2 tsp organic vanilla extract
75ml almond milk
2 bananas
1 tsp cinnamon
1 small chunk ginger

Puree until smooth. Enjoy!


Fertility Bracelet for the Heart Chakra

Trying to conceive can be exhausting! If you are just starting out, TI, charting, temping can be stressful! Or if you have graduated to IUI and IVF, the medications, shots and daily appointments can be overwhelming. The Fertile Garden suggests wearing a healing fertility bracelet to help ground your emotions and reduce your stress level! Our bracelets contain ALL high quality gemstones, no filler beads like others! All gemstones are charged and blessed for maximum fertility boost!



Cherries for Fertility?

Cherries Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes! Cherries can be very beneficial for your overall health, and fertility! I have been told it is especially good to eat a lot of cherries after your egg retrieval, through to your test. Nutritional value of cherries help the body to fight many infections, and increase the body's resistance mechanisms.

Anthocyanins: A powerful antioxidant, anthocyanins is found abundantly in the cherries. Cherries are the richest source of anthocyanins 1 and 2, that give them their ruby rich color. These beneficial compounds provide the body with a unique combination of antioxidants that are full of anti-inflammatory properties.

Fiber: About ten raw sweet cherries will provide the body with 1.4 grams of fiber, that is nearly 10 percent of the recommended daily amount (RDA). A good level of fiber in the body aids in better digestion, by preventing constipation.

Potassium: Cherries are extremely high on dietary potassium. One can get approximately 260 mg of potassium for every cup (100g) of fresh cherries consumed. Adequate potassium reduces the risk of hypertension and stroke, while promoting the heart and kidneys to function properly.

Melatonin: Cherries are a rich food source of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin promotes healthy circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. 

Essential Vitamins: One cup of sweet cherry eaten raw without the pits, can provide the body with 18 percent of the RDA, ie 10.8 mg of vitamin C. The fruit also contains beta carotene, and other important vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. These vitamins are essential for collagen formation of blood vessels, blood, muscles and bones.

Phytosterols: Phytosterols, also known as plant sterols occur naturally in cherries. 100 gms contain 18.5 mg of sterols that help to reduce 'bad' cholesterol levels (LDL) and lower the risk of cancer, and stimulate the immune system.

Boron: 100 gms of raw tart cherries supply the body with approximately 396µg (microgram). Boron increases bone health; formation and recuperation, and reduce bone inflammation.

Other Minerals: Although in small quantities cherries also contain folate (iron), calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. All these mineral play vital roles in boosting the immune system and keeping the body's fitness levels high. 



Hope Fertility Bracelet

Anyone who is starting their fertililty journey, in the midst of it, or even doing infertility treatments such as IUI and IVF, knows how hard it is to remain positive and have hope.

That was the idea behind my Hope Fertility Bracelet from The Fertile Garden.

I found that one of the hardest things about IVF was not the shots, daily doctor appointments, feeling like a human pin cushion, and in general the obsession with every cramp and pinch. It was the emotional part that was the most difficult. One day you are confident it worked, the next you are a bawling mess eating chocolate. I've been there! I wore this Hope Fertility Bracelet to remind myself that it WOULD happen someday - that it was a matter of WHEN, not IF! :)

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Fertility Health Drink

This is a surprisingly yummy drink. It includes many super fertility ingredients for enhancing your fertility! Drink this everyday when you put on your fertility bracelet! :)

Fertility Health Drink
1 shot of frozen wheat grass
1/4 cup POM juice
1/2 cup Simply Orange juice
1/4 cup organic carrot juice
1 chunk of fresh ginger
1 tsp ground flax seed
1 scoop vanilla whey powder
handful frozen blueberries

Puree in blender til mixed. Enjoy! Tastes like a dreamsicle!

orange dreamsicle Pictures, Images and Photos